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For the sake of an introduction below is a short write-up on my professional background that you will also possibly find on the sites of the companies and institutions that I am associated with. To look up my personal side you gotta meet me and I don’t promise you glory coz I didn’t land on this earth to satisfy everyone 😉

Vijay has close to two decades of Technology, Sales and Delivery experience in the IT industry. He has deep experience working with start-ups, TierII IT companies and an MNC. He recently shifted gears and has taken up entrepreneurship opportunities.

He is a Vice President, Sales and Technology and Logixal Solutions Pvt Ltd. At Logixal, he augments the leadership team with his vast and global IT operations experience.  Prior to joining Logixal, Vijay was part of Accenture India Delivery Centre for 12 years. He has played various leadership roles at Accenture including that of leading global industry product practices in the BFSI space, managing large scale system integration engagements, leading the resource management and business operations for the largest vertical (Financial Services) at Accenture India and as certified solution architect & delivery lead. He was among the first 30 employees in Accenture India Delivery Centre and has been instrumental in the growth of Accenture in India which had crossed 80,000 when left Accenture. His clients included some of the Fortune500 companies like JPMorgan Chase, Wellington Bank, RSA Insurance, Zurich Insurance, Allianz and others.

Vijay is very passionate about entrepreneurship. He has been involved with a few early stage start-ups as a mentor, guide or as an associate. He is a member of National Entrepreneurship Network and The Indus Entrepreneurs in Mumbai. He is also very actively involved in the Education industry and is on the board of Vivekanand Education Society that runs 27 institutions in India educating and grooming 18000 students every year. He is the President of V.E.S Institute of Technology’s Alumni Association.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Finance from Mumbai University


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